Shrewsbury Man Will Run Boston Marathon for Cancer

Chris Knight is running the Boston Marathon in April.

Name: Chris Knight

Age: 45

Lives in: Shrewsbury

Works For: Westborough Fire Department

Why are you running the Boston Marathon?: To support the Dana
Farber Marathon Challenge, specifically for all those who have fought
and are fighting cancer, including my mom, dad, mother-in-Law.

How are you preparing for the marathon?: I have been running 50+ miles a week for greater than 6 months.

Goal running time: I have a time, but want to keep it in stealth mode!

What is going to keep you going during the 26.2-mile race?: All the people that I am honoring that have fought cancer! They have fought the real battle. Also, for my family and friends who have supported my efforts and made them possible.

How will you celebrate finishing the marathon?: Hopefully by going out to eat with family and friends (after a recovery period)!

Will you run future marathons?: This is my 8th marathon so likely I will run again!

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