Meet Former New England Patriot Philip Mulcahy

Phil Mulcahy played for the Giants and Colts as well.

Name: Philip (Phil) Mulcahy, former NFL player

Current job: Insurance agent for Dolan & Maloney

Mentor: My mom, dad and 12 siblings. I wanted to make them proud of me. I was the thirteenth child.

Family: I grew up in Worcester and have lived in Shrewsbury for the past twenty years with my wife, Cyndi, daughter, Kayla and son, Paul.

Words to live by: “Live long and prosper.”

Favorite book: As you can see, I love movies. The last book I enjoyed was Jaws.

Facebook or Twitter: I only use email. My email address is pmulcahy@dmia.com.

Played for the following teams: New England Patriots, Giants and Colts.

One of Phil Mulcahy’s regrets is that he’d still want to be playing for the Patriots if they hadn’t cut him from the team. Football was and still is a big part of his life. He coaches students at Westborough High School’s football team as well as Shrewsbury’s Pop Warner league for ages 12 and 13. He does this while working full time in the insurance industry for Dolan & Maloney, where he has been employed for the past 22 years.

“I sell house and car insurance. It’s called property and casualty. I basically coach people. I teach them how to get insurance the right way. We give everyone good advice,” said Mulcahy.

One of the things that Mulcahy enjoyed most about his job was the fact that he could go out and talk to and get prospective clients. At the same time, he had some flexibility to coach football as well.

“Here, I was getting the opportunity to show the kids techniques that they wouldn’t get until, sometimes college. Their parents got to know me, and very often they would come to the office to get insurance. They like that you are a town person,” said Mulcahy.

Growing up in Worcester, Mulcahy was fortunate to get a scholarship to URI playing football. The time spent there, gave Mulcahy a great experience from which he was given a terrific opportunity and learned technique. He proudly displays his University of Rhode Island diploma among his team photos and memorabilia in his office. After graduating, he trained with the Patriots in 1987.

“This was a wonderful time. I made the team, but there was the NFL strike. I went out on strike and was fired. My jersey was #74,” said Mulcahy.

He went on to play for the New York Giants for a year, but was cut before the season started. In 1989, he was signed by the Colts but did not pass the physical. Thirteen years ago, he had to have an artificial hip due to osteoarthritis.

He truly loves the kids and realized that his “true calling” was to teach kids his skills on the football field.

“All of our kids are the most important things. They are our future. We need to spend time with them. I am a simple insurance guy that used to play football. I teach them technique. Honestly, I still wish I was playing,” said Mulcahy.


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