Local Results for the Boston Marathon

See how local runners did on Marathon Monday.

These are the official results from the Boston Marathon for Shrewsbury runners:

Name:                                  Time:

Lisa Danielson                       3:26:56

Julien Fourcade                     3:29:57

Gennaro Conte                      3:36:31

Charlotte Deleo                     4:00:53

Ann E. Iaccarino                    4:02:04

Kristin K. Stewich                  4:15:13

James P. Quitadamo              4:23:03

Richard P. Burke                   4:27:05

Dushyant Jhamb                   4:44:09

Kristin Filippetti                    4:44:21

Lisa C. Wick                         5:01:02

Christopher S. Knight            5:15:37

Mary Miller                           5:31:31

Dick Miller                            5:31:31

Amy Sciannameo                  5:37:57

John R. Samia                      5:58:00

Hector L. Cruz                      6:05:02

Charlie T. Sherman               6:07:18

Anna P. Serquina                  6:26:44

Suzanne Murray                   6:58:54

Karen M. Keohan                  6:58:54

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