Confessions of a Self Confessed Food Hoarder

I don't know if you have the same problem, but for me, I live in fear of having an avalanche occuring in my kitchen.

I'm ashamed to admit this, but when it comes to my pantry, freezers and refrigerators I think I need to come clean and get this off or out of my chest (yes pun intended). When it comes to food and household supplies (well, maybe a few other things), I’m a hoarder. I’m in fear every time I need to open my freezer and am twice as fearful if my husband dares to take on this perilous task, because you know he’s going to get mad.

Opening the freezer becomes an act of courage and part combat mission. Watch your toes, an iceberg could fall out and land on your foot. Or you could be
deluged with several varying shaped ice bricks falling at or on your feet, and
then careening across the kitchen floor.

Okay, so my excuse is that our freezer is just too small. Our refrigerator is a side by side, but due to very limited space in the cut out for the refrigerator in our kitchen, we were forced into a very small side-by-side. I suppose I need to be honest and let you know that the refrigerator is no easier to navigate than the freezer. 

Oh no, please don’t open my cabinets in the kitchen because that, too, could become another combat mission. 

It must be in my genes that if something goes on sale you should stock up on that item. What with the price of meats and poultry today, when I see a sale I’m all over it. The problem is there is just not enough room in my tiny  accommodations.  I chose the side-by-side because it’s my opinion that it would be easier to store food in the cute little shelves as opposed to that vast open space in top style freezers. Let’s not even consider the bottom freezer
for anyone over 45. Could you just imagine me getting down on the floor and tossing frozen items into the air trying to pull out the ground beef I bought six months ago? It got buried in this freezer and it is just too difficult to fight with the freezer to find it.  Sometimes it’s even easier to just go out and buy new beef.  So the old hamburg just sits there until I’m desperate. 

Now, let’s get back to me on the floor juggling frozen food. Once I find the ground beef, who’s going to pick me up off the floor? 

So for these reasons I chose the model with the divided shelves and cute little wire baskets. Guess I never gave much thought to the open area where there were no baskets and neither did Kitchen-Aid. Even I’m smart enough to realize that the foods in these open areas need little seat belts to keep them from launching every time someone opens the door. 

You might have noticed that I refer to my refrigerators and freezers as plural. That’s because I’m lucky enough to have an older style refrigerator with a freezer on the top in the basement. And yes that freezer most times is also full.  That is
where most of the landslides occur because there’s just one cosmic open space
and if things are not balanced just so you could have an avalanche when opening
that door.

I’m going to spare you at least in this blog about the chemistry going on in my refrigerators because the side-by-side is so full that it becomes difficult to see and move items unless you’re familiar with four handed dentistry. 

As for the spare refrigerator, the light is missing in it so it’s more like a mystery
box/chemistry, black hole.



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Frank D'Urso September 14, 2012 at 04:13 PM
We have the same problem! It's more incentive to shop locally and buy fresh. We had bought some bulk dry food, and apparently there is a problem with flour moths, they hatched and bred and took over our kitchen when we were on vacation. We had to throw away almost all of the food in our cabinets, INCLUDING spices, those little buggers got into EVERYTHING. The good news is that our compose bin smells like a pipe blend ; ) So when we were unpacking our shelves we noticed that we'd buy several items multiple times without finishing the previous purchase...that made for an overpacked cabinet. We also have the side by sude fridge, NOT the best space designed model. My advice: avoid meal moths, but go ahead and empty your cabinets into your compost bin : )
UglyHat September 14, 2012 at 04:50 PM
My advice…anytime something falls out of an overpacked fridge, freezer or cabinet, donate it and one more item to the food pantry.
Ronda H. Andrews September 14, 2012 at 07:44 PM
Been there, done that. Not fun. I read somewhere to keep a bayleaf in your flour, rice, etc. anything that would be susceptable to bugs. I am not sure about flour moths but it does seem to work well and does not flavor the food.
Myd Nevins September 20, 2012 at 12:26 PM
I can relate in a way. I always had to prepare myself to make some miracle catch each time I opened the freezer door. Then I decided enough. I found that one or two of the small very thin bungee cords (like the 6" long ones) strategically stretched between the shelves kept the food in without sacrificing easy access. No more bruised toes from missing a catch of frozen hamburger.


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