If You Want to Live on Lake Quinsig, Options are Plentiful

A quick search of homes on the water reveals that most of these, in Shrewsbury, are on Lake Quinsigamond.

At $395,000, you can get 100 feet of waterfront property in a year-round cottage on Lake Quinsigamond.

It's not the only one available.

In a quick "lake" search of homes in Shrewsbury on the water, Zillow responds with nearly 20 properties, a majority of them situated on Lake Quinsigamond.

A townhome on North Quinsigamond Ave. that is listed for $459,900 not only sits on Lake Quinsigamond, but includes an inground pool. So your water needs are optional there.

A few properties are for sale on Old Faith Road, which is on Lake Quinsigamond, including a small cottage for $143,000 that is on a dead end street, and "near Sunset Beach."

An affordable cottage, at 22A Oakland Ave., also overlooks the famous lake, but keep in mind "There are numerous steps from street level, but it is worth the exercise to experience this quiet, private waterfront retreat."

Check out all the lakefront properties in Shrewsbury on Zillow right here.


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