You Missed: Business Changes, Rejected Stop Signs

We'll fill you in on what you missed at the selectmen's meeting last night.

The Board of Selectmen met Tuesday night. Here are some of the things you missed:

1. It was announced that the House of Representatives passed an act that will convey to the town parcels of land adjacent to the . The town will be allowed to lease the property by paying the state Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance $1 per year for the next 25 years. The act includes two portions of a parcel of land on Lake Street, including about 15 acres on the westerly side of Lake Street, which is currently leased to the town for soccer playing fields. It also includes roughly 54 acres on the easterly side of Lake Street to be designated for agricultural and recreational use.

2. The board approved a request for alterations of the premises of DM Wine & Spirits, Inc., 539-571 Boston Tpke, to include a 247 square foot storage cage in the rear of the store. According to manager Michael S. Wartell, the store is in its third week of business.

3. The board also approved a request from Khasria doing business as India Cafe, 84 Boston Tpke, for a change of location from its current address to 88-120 Boston Tpke. According to Karen Johnson of Charter Realty, which owns White City, India Cafe is moving to another space in the plaza.

4. A request from Matt Pearson of the Tri Sharc Triathletes Club to conduct a 5K Road Race on Oct. 28 to benefit spinal muscular atrophy was also approved. The race will start and end at .

5. The board also voted against installing an additional stop sign on Edgewood Road. The Police Department feels that the existing stop signs are adequate, said Town Manager Dan Morgado. Selectman Moira Miller said there is certain criteria to be met in terms of where and when stop signs can be placed. Members of the board said this criteria, which would include having five crashes in one year at the location, was not met. There have been two accidents in the last five years there, said Chairman Maurice DePalo. Selectman John Lebeaux said they were not the types of crashes that could have been helped by a multi-stop sign situation.  


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