Voter Turnout Low for Town Election, Senate Primary

Poll stations across the town are seeing residents cast their ballots at a slower pace than usual.

Today Shrewsbury residents can have their voice heard when they cast their vote for various town government positions.

Shrewsbury voters also get to join voters across the state in selecting the Republican and Democrat candidates that will face off to fill John Kerry's vacated senate seat.

But according to Assistant Town Clerk Joyce Record turnout has been low.

"We've had pretty low turnout across town. I stopped in to Precinct 9 at noon and they only had 197 voters so far," Record said.

At the Shrewsbury Senior Center less than 700 ballots had been cast at 3 p.m., half of them being town election ballots and half being senate primaries ballots.

"It's really half of that number," one of the wardens for Precinct 6 at the Senior Center said. "Each person is casting two ballots, one for the town and one for the senate."


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