Rep. McGovern Hosts 'Peoples Rights' Tour

The tour announces constitutional amendments overturning Citizens United.

Submitted by Scott Zoback, office of U.S. Rep. Jim Mcgovern

U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern will host a series of events on Thursday, Jan. 24, and Friday, Jan. 25, in Boston, Worcester, and Northampton to announce his two Constitutional amendments to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case, which unleashed a flood of corporate and special interest money into the American political system. McGovern will be joined at each stop by national advocates and state officials who back efforts to overturn Citizens United.

Rep. McGovern’s first amendment, HJ Res 20, advances the fundamental principle of political equality for all by empowering Congress and the States to regulate political spending. It will allow Congress to pass campaign finance reform legislation that will withstand Constitutional challenges.   

The second amendment, HJ Res 21, would overturn Citizens United and put a stop to the growing trend of corporations claiming first amendment rights. This “People’s Rights Amendment” not only addresses corporate rights as they pertain to campaign finance, but is broader in scope to clarify that corporations are not people with Constitutional rights. Importantly, the amendment clearly protects the people’s rights of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, free exercise of religion, freedom of association, and all other such rights of the people.

Rep. McGovern introduced the two amendments on the floor of the House of Representatives on Jan. 22. Video of McGovern’s floor speech, along with the text of the two amendments, can be found here.



WHAT: Press conference announcing constitutional amendments, and discussing state and national efforts to overturn Citizens United.

WHO: Congressman McGovern will be joined by Attorney General Martha Coakley, State Senator Jamie Eldridge, State Representative Marty Walz, State Representative Cory Atkins, Harvard Law Professor John Coates, American Sustainable Business Council CEO David Levine, and Free Speech for People co-founders John Bonifaz and Jeff Clements.

WHERE:  Suffolk Law School | 1st Floor Function Room, 120 Tremont Street, Boston

WHEN: 12:15 pm – 12:45 pm


WHAT:  Press conference announcing constitutional amendments, and discussing state and national efforts to overturn Citizens United.

WHO:  Congressman McGovern will be joined by Free Speech for People co-founder John Bonifaz and elected state officials.

WHERE:         Clark University | Grace Conference Room – University Center (1st Floor), 950 Main St., Worcester

WHEN:  5:45 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.



WHAT: Panel discussion regarding Citizens United featuring Congressman McGovern and Free Speech for People co-founder John Bonifaz. 

WHO: Additional attendees are scheduled to include Progressive Democrats of America’s Tim Carpenter, League of Women Voters Chair Jackie Wolf, along with state elected officials.

WHERE: Forbes Library, 20 West St., Northampton

WHEN: 3–4:30 pm


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