Library Renovation to Undergo More Design Work

Last night Shrewsbury Town Meeting voters approved $50,000 for redesign of the library.

Although Shrewsbury residents voted down plans for the library renovation last year, the Board of Library Trustees has taken the feedback and is working on a revamped plan for the library renovation.

According to Laurie Hogan, chairman of the library trustees, the new plan will be for a building that is 10 percent smaller than their last plan.

Other feedback was considered and will be reviewed during the upcoming review process.

Hogan said the $50,000 transfer that was proposed as article 14 at last night's town meeting would help fund the design changes and adjustments.

The article was added at the last minute after the town received word that a $7.9 million grant would be given to the town in fiscal year 2014 pending local funding.

The $50,000 was taken from repair money that had been set aside to deal with improvements to the air quality in the current building. However, the early grant will allow the town will forgo that work. The rest of the $250,000 that was approved will be used for other necessary repairs.

According to Hogan the new design work is expected to be completed in early 2013. Ultimately residents will be asked to approve the project at the fall 2013 town meeting and vote on it in the election.


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