VIDEO: D.A.: Murder Suspect Covered in Blood

A Shrewsbury man is being held pending a psychological evaluation after being arraigned in Westborough District Court this afternoon.

Jieming Liu, 79, of 32 Shrewsbury Green Dr., Shrewsbury, pleaded not guilty in Westborough District Court this afternoon where he faces charges of assault and battery, mayhem and murder.

Liu was found rocking in a rocking chair in his apartment at about 4:30 p.m. on Thursday by his son, Yening Zhou, 51, who checked on his parents daily at their apartment in town.

"He was found covered in blood by ," said Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early after the arraignment. "It was a very gruesome scene and a very tough scene. It's a very disturbing scene."

Shrewsbury police reported that the victim, Yuee Zhou, 73, of Shrewsbury was found in a rear bedroom face down with severe injuries to her left arm with her arm being separated above the elbow and fingers were severed, according to Early.

During booking and after being Mirandized, the suspect made statements claiming injuries to his hands were the result of self-defense and requested an attorney. He also told his son that the body was not his mother's.

"Liu was found in his rocking chair in the living room with pieces of flesh on the floor around him," Early said.

The family of the suspect said he and his wife came from the Hunan Providence of China in November of last year. The son, who found the victim, said he was concerned his father suffered from Alzheimer's Disease.

"The only words the suspect said to us was 'self-defense,'" Early said.

During the arraignment, Liu, who is 5-feet-2-inches and weighs about 75 pounds, moaned and needed to be carried up and down the stairs from the holding cell at court. An interpreter was needed because he only speaks Mandarin.

Liu was held for a psychological evaluation, which will be done at Bridgewater State Hospital.

Ron king April 07, 2012 at 04:07 AM
It begs me to ask the question, what the heck are these people doing here? At 80 yrs old...lets go on a field trip to the USA, just because your kid is here. A passport works both ways, I guess.
Jennifer Lucarelli April 10, 2012 at 02:35 AM
Yes, Ron, a very sad situation with many unanswered questions. Hopefully we will know more as the trial moves forward.


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