Rossini Faced Previous Assault Charges

He has been in court twice before this year.

Eric Rossini, the Grafton resident and Shrewsbury karate school owner facing sex crimes charges related to a 13-year-old, has been in court twice before during the past year.

His previous charges include assault and battery and intimidating a witness in a domestic violence case and illegally taking a cell phone image of a police officer who was giving him a citation.

Rossini, 41, of 74 Crosby Rd., Grafton, was arrested by on Saturday and charged with being a fugitive from justice. He is the owner of in Shrewsbury.

The warrant was issued Friday and relates to outstanding charges he faces in Arlington, TX.

Rossini faces two counts of indecency with a child by sexual contact, according to Tiara Ellis Richard, media relations coordinator for the Arlington Police Department.

The incident in question occurred in Texas in July 2011, Richard said.

The previous charges of assault and battery and intimidating a witness stem from an incident Jan. 5, when Grafton police responded to Rossini’s home at 74 Crosby Rd. to investigate a domestic dispute.

When police arrived, they found a woman with a swollen and black left eye and scratches, according to the police report. Rossini had scratches to his face and neck, the report said.

After talking to the woman, police arrested Rossini for domestic assault and battery.

He was also charged with intimidating a witness because he allegedly threw the woman’s cell phone outside when she threatened to call police, the police report stated.

The court found sufficient facts on the assault and battery charge, placed him on probation for a year and ordered him to attend a batterer’s program.

The fugitive from justice charge violated this probation, which is why Rossini is  now under house arrest despite posting bail on the charge.

Rossini’s other court appearance was in connection with an incident May 9, 2011, when he was pulled over by Grafton police for what police described as a “minor motor vehicle violation’’ for failure to use care in starting in front of the Grafton police station.

“You’re going to give me a ticket, I made a donation to your Police Association,’’ Rossini told the police officer, according to the report.

Rossini was holding tickets to a Grafton police charity basketball game, the report said.

Police said Rossini began to argue about the charge and would not take the citation, which the officer placed on his lap. The officer walked away from the vehicle and heard Rossini mention something about speeding, according to the report.

The officer returned to the vehicle and saw a moving image of himself on Rossini’s cell phone. The officer confiscated the cell phone and arrested him for unlawful wiretapping.

The court found sufficient facts on the charge, which was continued without a finding until March 29, 2012. Rossini was also ordered to write a letter of apology to the police officer.

Arlington, Texas Police have started the process to extradite Rossini to Texas, Richard said.

Rebecca June 02, 2012 at 02:05 PM
This is really disturbing. He assaulted a woman and the court found him guilty back in January? He has been teaching kids all this time? I guess you really have to be careful when you sign your kids up at these privately owned places. Apparently this one doesn't do criminal background checks on their employees (or at least not on themselves).
jon carlson June 26, 2012 at 04:12 AM
this guy is a piece of shit...i hope he gets raped when he goes to prison,,,,he is a women beater,,,mr karate boy diddler...i hope more people come forward that have been abused by this maggot..i hope he reads this blog,what goes around comes around,,this guy should be in prison..i highly reccommend anybody who brought there kids to his business to talk to there children and make sure they were not abused,,,this makes me sick,,,i truly hope justice is served here...
Jesse G July 02, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Doesn't sound like you want justice, sounds like you've already convicted him and want him tortured. No need for a court system in your world, eh?
Dan B. July 02, 2012 at 08:41 PM
I agree with Jesse. While things don't look good on the surface, quickly jumping to a conclusion based on what you read from any news source is questionable judgement unless you first hand have been at the center of something he did to you or a child. If he is guilty, I agree with you Jon (yet with milder language), but let's let the courts do their job and see how everything pans out. This is definitely a story that sounds like there could be more to it than what is being publicly released already.
Rebecca July 02, 2012 at 09:19 PM
I agree with both Jesse and Dan on the sexual misconduct - he is innocent until proven guilty. But the two of you do realize that you are posting on the article related to his CONVICTION for domestic assault? That case has been adjudicated and he was sentenced for the CRIME. Domestic assault is a crime, a serious one. The fact that people minimize it and give this man who teaches children a pass on it is mind boggling.
Jesse G July 04, 2012 at 11:26 PM
I'm certainly not an apologist for anyone who commits domestic violence but the assault case referenced in the article was Continued without a Finding as opposed to a conviction. This results in the defendant being placed on probation (with other stipulations in Mr. Rossini's case) and the case being continued without a guilty verdict being entered.
Rebecca July 04, 2012 at 11:40 PM
The assault case was not "continued w/o a finding" - that was the wire-tapping charge. Read the article. It states: "The court found sufficient facts on the assault and battery charge, placed him on probation for a year and ordered him to attend a batterer’s program." Probation (and being ordered to attend a batter's program) is part of sentencing. You can not be sentenced w/o being convicted of a crime.
MA Mom September 26, 2012 at 04:55 PM
innocent until proven guilty...get all the facts before passing judgement...has anyone ever tried to deal w a delusional drunk woman? on the verge of losing someone, some women will do just about anything to themselves to make things seem not what they appear on the surface...as for the citation thing....anyone who feels they have been wronged, pulled over without cause etc will video tape what they feel is misconduct or mistreatment..i would have done the same thing
W.T. Floser September 28, 2012 at 03:20 PM
@ma mom, when were you last sparring with a convicted batterer after 2am? Why do INNOCENT children hate this guy so much? No I would not video a police officer under ANY circumstances. Respect the law, honor women. Derrrr! ...


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