Governor's Warning Helped Keep Shrewsbury Safe

Fire Captain Seth Colby said the department's shift was "business as usual."

When the governor said to stay home and stay off the road, Shrewsbury residents listened.

Fire Captain Seth Colby was the shift commander during the blizzard and he said the department didn't have any major issues around town during the storm.

"Everything went well," Colby said. "The storm was relatively uneventful."

Colby said the department had to respond to several medical calls and transport residents to local hospitals, but the roads were clear and the department was prepared.

"The Highway Department did a good job staying on top of the snow and I think the fact that people stayed off the roads and stayed home really helped," Colby said. "We had chains on the tires for the trucks and didn't have any problems."

The department was called several times Saturday morning to respond to carbon monoxide alarms.

"A few times we had to vent out houses and clear some flues that were blocked by snow," Colby said no residents needed medical attention at these incidents. 


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