Georgia Man Pleads Not Guilty to Murdering Shrewsbury Woman in 1974

DNA evidence leads to charges in a 1974 Shrewsbury murder.

Lonzo Guthrie. Credit: WHDH, 7 News
Lonzo Guthrie. Credit: WHDH, 7 News

A 69-year-old Georgia man pleaded not guilty to stabbing to death a Shrewsbury woman, reported the Boston Herald. 

Lonzo Guthrie, who now lives in Austell, Georgia, denied in Worcester Superior Court on Monday that he had killed Eileen Ferro, 21, a day after delivering furniture to her home in Shrewsbury. He lived in Worcester at the time, but was never charged with the murder. 

Evidence against Guthrie recently surfaced when a DNA sample he submitted for a California rape conviction matched blood found in Ferro's home, said the Herald. 

Guthrie maintains his innocence, and his attorney argues that blood found in Ferro's home could be the result of injuries while moving furniture. 


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