Eric Rossini Not Indicted By Grand Jury

The karate instructor was charged with indecency-fondling in May 2012.

Last week a grand jury in Fort Worth Texas decided not to indict Eric Rossini on two counts of sexual indecency from May 2012.

"Both cases were presented to a grand jury, which heard the evidence and the circumstances in this case and, on Jan. 3, 2013, made a decision not to indict, which concludes this matter," Melody McDonald, a public information officer in Tarrant County Texas, said.

Grand jury proceedings are by law kept private, but during the summer Rossini's attorney argued that the the charges were the result of a custody battle gone bad.

Rossini also faced charges in Westborough District Court as a

Rossini, a Grafton resident, owns MassDojo in Shrewsbury.

Mother of the year June 16, 2013 at 11:48 PM
It appears the mother has lied to the son here too. Apparently, he has no idea the mother does not have right to remove the child from the commonwealth. In court, Jessica Lane has boldly told the judge she will simply ignore the law. Guess she must want to get locked up a second time. I'm sure the media would love that twist in the story. Rossini's mailbox was destroyed this weekend ...sounds personal with the timing with all these articles. Who is the one with the real anger issues that has never dealt with them appropriately? Get the daughter away from the violent son and law breaking manipulative mother NOW.
Josh K June 17, 2013 at 10:28 PM
I've never heard this family bad mouth Rossini and I'm there. have you personally heard this rumor? You sound like Rossini's lawyer. What ever the truth on this matter Rossini is a bully, doesn't like women and try having a disagreement with him, you'll see what a nice guy he is. What about the girl friend he hit? He's a bad person plain and simple and this back and forth is getting old. I know him as many other parents. There's always two view points. I don't like the fact that after this family left for whatever the reason Rossini felt the need to call the new dojo and bad mouth children? What a guy. I hope these boys win for their new dojo. I can't wait to see how Rossini acts at the next tournament.
Toughman Forreal June 18, 2013 at 01:42 AM
Rossini admitted to the facts for a guilty finding of domestic violence in a plea deal out of Westborough District Court for a recent incident at his Crosby Rd. home and placed on probation. He beat up a woman at his home at 2:45 a.m.. He later violated his probation which resulted in his conviction according to news reports of the public record. He has been charged before and is no stranger to the back seat of a cruiser. Whatever arguments Eric and his band of boyfriends raise, the fact remains he couldn't fight his way out of a brown bag. He is tested against women and children and usually wins but the videos of him online show he is a limpwristed poser. He can't take a punch from a man
The terrible, elusive Truth June 18, 2013 at 01:55 AM
He is the size of a prepubescent girl so it's no wonder he has a Napolean complex. It's too bad he hides behind the robe and takes advantage of children as a manipulative adult. For sure, the truth will be revealed over time as the Community of Grafton shuns him and sends him into hiding. Surely the dojo is failing with this slug running the show. He still doesn't address how the Probate case abruptly ended in Worcester at the same time the Texas case closed. You would logically think his alleged exoneration in TX would lead to a growing battle with the Probate Court that supposedly ruled in his favor in 2006??? What happened is quite the opposite. And the grand jury in Texas is sealed so only he knows what evidence did and did not get presented and he's not talking about those facts. There was enough evidence for charges and a grand jury to convene, which is no trivial matter.


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