Analyst for UMass Stole Millions Through Medicaid Insurance Scam

Leo Villani skimmed millions over many years.

Money. Credit: Goosecreek Patch
Money. Credit: Goosecreek Patch

A man who worked at Commonwealth Medicine, an office in Shrewsbury of the University of Massachusetts Medical School that serves as the hospital's "consulting division," is suspected to have slowly sliced millions into his modest salary over the years, reported the Boston Globe. 

Leo Villani, who died due to injuries from a car crash last December, reportedly made $46,000 a year as a financial analyst, but drove a Porsche, owned a large home and collected Salvador Dali paintings. 

Though he told co-workers and friends he had inherited the money, Villani, says the Globe, stole it by "siphoning off nearly $3.4 million from payments intended for the state Medicaid insurance program over the past five years, an internal investigation has found. It may be the biggest theft by a state employee in more than a decade."


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