The Soccer Mom Workout

How many hours do you sit and wait at your child's sporting events and practices sitting idle?

Four days a week I am dropping off my 12-year-old son to soccer practice. He plays on two different teams and six out seven days we are at a soccer field for his benefit. I love to watch him play, the level of skills and intensity of his age group and speed and strength is quite different from when he started as a U6 player.

But if I add up all the time I spend sitting at fields (6 practices per week x 1.5 hours) + (2 games x 1.5 hours), that is 9 hours of my just sitting on my fanny while he busts his butt running around on the field. So, with that I have come up with some great workout ideas to help us avoid that soccer mom fanny.

The following workout uses no additional equipment, just you and your body (if you are like me and have younger siblings with you then they can participate in this fun workout with you) and remember always make sure you have a physician’s clearence before beginning any exercise programs:

  • Start by warming up with some walking up and down the sidelines or jogging around the field for 5 minutes.
  • Go to the end of one sideline and start with some walking lunges down to the opposite goal line and repeat this for 4 sets.
  • Next work some running drills by jogging from the goal line to the centerline and then walking backward to the start, then jog/run to the end of field and back; repeat 4 sets. Set 1 sprint, Set 2 high knees, set 3 sprint, set 4 high knees
  • Repeat the lunge series adding rotation from the torso and hold your arms out in front of you and twist towards the front leg as if you are holding a pizza box.  Lunging down the field in one direction and on the way back perform crescent knee lifts opening up the hip joint.
  • Stay at one end and perform curtsey squats, 10 on R, 10 on L, repeat 2 sets, trying to touch down to the ground each time
  • Start this series again this time sprint to the centerline and then jump squat 8-10x and run to the opposite goal line and jump squat again for 8-10x.  Rest 30s and repeat this for 3 more times. 
  • Stay at the goal line and do 20 squats followed by 30 s of holding plank or 8 push ups, rest for 30 s and repeat the series 3 more times. 
  • Next move into a plank position and alternate side plank static holds right and left; for a total of 8 (4 each side)
  • Finish with some good stretching of the hamstrings and the quads as we worked the legs a lot during this routine.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the game (or if you are like me you’ll be that parent still pacing the sidelines, willing that ball in favor of your child’s team).

Remember to bring yourself some water and keep hydrated and now that our hours of day light are longer and the sun is stronger, don’t forget your sunscreen and your bug spray for those evening workouts.


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