Stylish Passover Desserts

Food tip of the week for Passover dinners.

Well, I might actually have a little problem with that title: shouldn’t Passover be about tradition, not about flash or style?

That said, I encourage you to prepare traditional favorites with an eye towards what’s fresh and seasonal this year.

Passover dessert recipes usually involve of lots of matzo. Why? It goes back a long time. When Pharaoh freed the Israelites (see what I mean?), it is said they left in such a hurry that they could not wait for bread to rise. In commemoration of this haste and sacrifice, for the duration of Passover no leavened bread is eaten.

Desserts using matzo, potatoes, eggs, oil, milk, cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables are, uh, kosher. Think of what you can do with these basic ingredients. 

Most recipes for a "Passover cake" call for potato starch (easily found in most supermarkets today) or "Passover cake flour" (easily made at home from finely granulated matzo) instead of regular flour, and a large number of eggs (8 and over) to achieve fluffiness. Cookie recipes use matzo farfel (broken bits of matzo) or ground nuts as the base. No problem—get that food processor ready to start milling away.

How about introducing chocolate? Just off the top of my head, I can think of some dreamy ideas for the conclusion of a festive holiday meal that can easily be made at home. Chocolate Covered Matzo, Chestnut Cake, Strawberries dipped in chocolate, Macaroons (you can even make sugar free ones), or on the lighter side, Sponge Cake with Berry Sauce.

See? No worries about keeping the traditions of the past. You may even find Passover desserts so easy and delicious you won’t wait until next year to make them again.


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