Patch Readers Debate the Defeated Library Project

They also discuss White City construction.

Shrewsbury Patch readers had varying opinions about the building project, which was recently defeated by 158 votes. Here are just a few of the comments they shared:

  • commented on : "The real shame is that so few people voted on an issue that will so significantly impact their own finances."
  • commented on : "Once again the residents have spoken. I guess some town officials and newcomers just don't get it."
  • commented on : "Thank God this didn't pass. I'm not sure we can take another tax hike during these tough economic times. THANK YOU to all of those who voted NO ..... you did the right thing!"
  • commented on : "It's hard to believe that people were so opposed to an increase of $65 per year for an average homeowner in exchange for a state of the art, renovated library. Now we will need to fix the current facility, still spend almost as much money and not gain any space or value ..."

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Several readers also shared their thoughts on the White City construction project:

  • commented on : "I think honestly once it is done it will be great but they need to finish it quickly, I never see anyone working down there."
  • commented on : "After many years of neglect by the previous owner of White City East and West the new owners are changing everything to brand White City as an excellent local shopping experience. An excellent extention of the Lakeway Business District."

Another Shrewsbury Patch user, , posted information about an upcoming , which will be held at 7 p.m. Tues., Nov. 1, at the town hall, 100 Maple Ave. State and federal officials will provide information and answer questions regarding the recent expansion of the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) Worcester County regulated area, now covering the entire town of Shrewsbury.

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