Oh My: Teen Stuck in the Can, Horse Stuck in the Pool

We compile the odd, unusual, and 'oh, my gosh' police reports from around the region.

Our latest installment of odd police news includes a horse, a scooter, a kitchen drawer and a runaway hospital patient.

Life in the Fast Lane...

Ever see any of the Jackass movies, in which the shenanigan-filled Johnny Knoxville and friends perform "you shouldn't try this at home," stunts and make complete fools of themselves? Knoxville's "old man on scooter" shtick is what first came to mind when I read about this I will purposely not be seeking out more information about this log entry, because I prefer to imagine the vehicle in question as one of those slow-moving, sit-down, motorized scooters. (More likely than not, it was one of those newfangled electric, stand-up ones.)

Watch out for those tricky doors.

Milford firefighters rushed to the aid of a local grandmother, who called them this week because her . Milford's bravest freed the teen in five minutes. It could have been worse: at least she was stuck in the bathroom, not on the toilet. That would have been awkward.

It was unseasonally warm this week, but not that warm, Mr. Ed...

Shortly thereafter, the Fire Department was called to help the horse, who was stuck in the pool liner. Animal lovers, don't worry, this gem wouldn't make the OMG PD column if there wasn't a happy ending. The Fire Department used a bunch of rope to bring the horse to safety.

Foiled by an IV

Who wants to be stuck at a hospital? One "heavily intoxicated" patient apparently had other things to do, so he fled from on Tuesday evening, triggering a call from the hospital folks to Marlborough police. His escape plan was complicated by one minor detail: Police spotted him and returned him to the hospital.

How many times can I tell you, don't mix THE FORKS WITH THE SPOONS!

I'm the organizer in our house. I know where everything goes. So, when I find the Tupperware all out of place, or the big spoons mixed in with the little spoons in the silverware drawer, I can get a bit irritated. My displeasure, though, hasn't risen to the level that it did in Westborough recently,

Mark Cain March 11, 2012 at 08:44 PM
And the fork ran away with the spoon.
Danielle Horn March 11, 2012 at 10:35 PM
Kim Wescott March 19, 2012 at 01:36 PM
This is a great column! How nice to have a little unexpected chuckle.


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