Mark Adler Running for Library Trustee

I’m excited to be running for Trustee of the Shrewsbury Public Library.  The election is Tuesday May 6, and I ask for your vote.

We are entering a thrilling time for the library: the renovation and expansion of the building.  It’s a new space that will provide fabulous opportunities for the collection, circulation, and programming. 

Still, the library is more than just a building.  The library is a town service: an excellent resource for all people — young and old — throughout the town.  It's critical for everyone to have access to the library.

Shrewsbury's library is the second busiest in the county and one of the busiest in the state.  The budget comes from town government, but it also has state funding, it maintains trust funds, and it gets donations from generous donors.

Both local and state funding is precarious and the library has been running on its bare minimum for years.  Despite the increase in both circulation and library cards, the library budget has stagnated and even decreased.  This has led to the staff doing more with less.

We need to do a better job funding our public library, and I will work hard to raise our funding from grants, tax revenue, and private donations.

I currently serve the Town as chair of the Shrewsbury Cultural Council, a Town Meeting member, and member of the Fiscal Study Committee.  I am the membership chair of the Friends of the Shrewsbury Public Library.  I am the treasurer of the Shrewsbury Education Foundation, having served previously as the treasurer of the Paton PTO.

Please visit my Facebook page, “Mark Adler for Library Trustee” at Facebook.com/VoteForMarkles

I will welcome your questions; I will address your concerns; and I will represent you every day as a Library Trustee.  Please vote for Mark Adler for Library Trustee on Tuesday May 6.

Thank you!

Steve Whiz March 15, 2014 at 11:10 AM
Hi Mark, a lot of us have no faith in library people after the recent vote to raise taxes. For example there were reports that the new taxes would only be a few dollars. The library people didn't make it clear that the new taxes for the library would start off at over $100/yr, but as some older town loans were being retired, their bill would only rise slightly. Were you part of that bunch and are you supporting the upcoming operating override that will several hundred dollars to our tax bills?
ron king March 18, 2014 at 01:32 AM
Thanks Steve Whiz....We all want to know your stance on the next big tax, making the town more like Westboro.


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