Letter: Support of Selectman Candidate James Kane

A letter writer outlines why Selectman James Kane should win a fourth term.

The following letter was submitted by Selectman John Lebeaux:

To the Editor:

I support Shrewsbury Selectman Jim Kane’s re-election May 1st.

Jim consistently speaks plainly, honestly and clearly; he doesn’t take facts and reinterpret them to benefit his political standing.

Jim has regularly proven to be a hardworking, thoughtful selectman who works collaboratively, gaining the necessary consensus to convert good ideas into successful actions, helping secure Shrewsbury’s present and future best interests. He’s done this increasingly since his election, with his greatest success with the current board in this third year of his term.

Please re-elect Jim Kane Shrewsbury Selectman May 1 so he may continue working for families, businesses and taxpayers.

John Lebeaux

Dan B. April 17, 2012 at 05:53 PM
I voted for him last time solely because of who he was running against, and now I'm voting for him again because he did a phenomenal job in his term (and because of who he is running against.). Best of luck Kane!!


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