Erratic Driver Leads to Burglary Arrest

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It's Sunday, which means it might be the first or second time you've had a chance to stop by Shrewsbury Patch this week. After all, we know that you'd never be surfing the web while on your company computer during the work week, right? (Insert smiley face here.)

There's a lot going on every week at Shrewsbury Patch, and it often happens so fast that it's easy for you to miss some of it. In this weekly column, we give you some of the highlights.

  1. We learned that if you drive erratically on Route 9, you could be pulled over by police. And sometimes, it's not a good idea to have evidence in your trunk from a recent burglary.
  2. It's been the talk of the town—can the Patriots beat the Giants? Tell us your predictions in the poll.
  3. We learned that if drivers see a child walking in the street, they'll call police and if neighborhood kids are harassing you with a laser pointer, the police can help.
  4. Shrewsbury has become a good training ground for administrators and Curtis is the latest in the last two years to move on to other school districts. See what he's looking forward to and what he will miss about Shrewsbury.
  5. The state auditor announced that the housing authority had a budget shortfall and changes need to be made.


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