Best of Craigslist: Mary Poppins She Was Not; Axl Needed; Twigs Free to Good Home

Did you lock eyes with someone recently in Holliston?

You know the hours of entertainment perusing Craigslist can provide. You can find a job (some of them legit), find a good deal on a bag of used bubble wrap, and wonder if that guy will ever approach the girl at the kiosk in the mall.

For your convenience, and pleasure, we've cultivated what we deem to be this week's more interesting, amusing, and helpful posts on our local Craigslist.

We'd love for you to add your own favorites.

Warning: Nanny in New York is a scammer, and "not a Christian"

A poster on Craigslist warns others of a "nanny," whose handle is "Karen P." on care.com, is nothing but a scammer. Karen P., apparently, interviewed for two positions in Shrewsbury. She "quit" via voicemail and took off with the advance payment. "I asked her to return the money and some belongings via text message and she became very hostile and threatening. I never would have hired her if I had know she had such little integrity. She claims to be Christian but certainly changed her behavior in a very short period of time. If you think you have hired this nanny, please reply to this post and we can compare notes. I would hate for this to happen to another good family."

You serve lunch; he wants to have lunch together

A guy, almost 30, goes in to Lakeway Pizza in Grafton a lot for lunch. And apparently it isn't just for the grinders. If you're the girl who wears the Harley cap and works there during the day, you've got an admirer who would "like to get to know you better."

Take a picture; it lasts longer

This should be easy to facilitate. A man, 36, saw a woman in Hollistion wearing tie dye at some point last week. The woman was working, but not busy enough where the two "locked eyes too many times and for too long each time for me to be imagining things." 

If you are willing to part with your ears ...

A parent in Holliston is looking to make her daughter's Halloween costume complete. She's hoping someone out there will part with their Minnie or Mickey Mouse ears to "make a little girl very happy."

Welcoming you to the jungle, where there are fun and games, and wigs and leather

Serious musicians with pro gear in Natick are looking to complete their Guns 'n' Roses tribute, and look for easy going members who are willing to rehearse twice a week. Oh, and, "we wear wigs and leather for the real look with a pro attitude." 

Fancy twigs need a new home

Someone in Grafton is good and ready to part with their two decorative twig bundles. These fancy twigs are bundled together with wire. "They were up in our living room in the place of curtains. They need a little TLC - some of the twigs are loose. The large one is over 8', two smaller ones are over 3'."

Hey pardner, here are those cowboy lamps you've been searching for

For the Western themed room, this person in Northborough is parting with two cowboy lamps for $30. They are made of wood and carved into a bullhorn as well as some sort of can opener.


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