Are You a Prankster?

Are April Fool's Day pranks worth a good laugh?

Welcome back to Moms Talk at Shrewsbury Patch.

April Fools' Day is celebrated on the first of April each year in the United States. This year, April Fools’ Day is this Friday, April 1. The day is occasionally referred to as All Fools' Day. Although not a legal holiday, April Fools’ Day is recognized as the day on which we have come to expect practical jokes and a broad spectrum of tomfoolery. For those who indulge in this tradition, the day is celebrated by playing simple pranks, silly gags or elaborate hoaxes.

Please join our lighthearted discussion this week as we share our experiences and “foolish” ideas about April Fools’ Day.

What is the most creative April Fools’ Day prank that you have ever pulled (or had pulled on you)? Have you ever heard of someone going too far for an April Fools’ Day joke? Is this “holiday” more fun for a child or for an adult?


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