5 Things You Need to Know Today: Dec. 14

A meteor shower and only 11 shopping days until Christmas.

Our weekday morning column, 5 Things You Need to Know, provides you with information that can help you plan your day and give you some fodder for water cooler conversations.

1. There are only 11 shopping days until Christmas. Don't forget to shop locally—you don't have to wait for shipping. has some great jewelry for anyone in the family, offers classes and gift cards and there are so many restaurants to choose from that offer gift certificates as well like .

2. The Geminid Meteor Shower is expected to take place from dawn to tonight after 10 p.m. Check out the clear skies and you can probably see about one shooting star a minute.

3. Become a user and comment on stories—one user he is for and all their help during the recent storms. Join the discussion.

4. What's your ? Let us know in the comments—mine was a glitter sweatshirt from the 1980s.

5. Check out our new features—up to the minute traffic and the cheapest gas in town.

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