Al Hamra Academy Students Debate Shrewsbury Override Proposal

End of the Debate Season celebration. Courtesy
End of the Debate Season celebration. Courtesy

Members of the Speech & Debate Club at Al Hamra Academy debated the Proposition 2 1/2 override proposal last week as the grand finale of the school’s debate season. 

The town of Shrewsbury will be voting on the issue on June 3, and Al Hamra students decided to take sides on the issue themselves.

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The Speech & Debate Club at Al Hamra has 21 middle school student members. 

Previously, they met with representatives from the community, including supporters of Shrewsbury and Shrewsbury for Responsible Taxation, to have a better understanding of the topic at hand. 

The affirmative side fluently established its case for the betterment of the municipal and education department, while the negative vehemently opposed the override and asked the house to reconsider the town’s spending and fiscal responsibilities.

Submitted by Al Hamra Academy.


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