Library Offers Coffee Bar

For a $1, library patrons can get coffee at the Shrewsbury Public Library.

While the library building project is currently being reviewed an on hold, the is moving forward with their coffee bar idea.

Library patrons can now get k-cups at the circulation desk for $1 to be freshly brewed while they browse titles or cruise the Internet at the library.

The Library Beverage Cafe was originally part of the proposed library expansion project, but with .

The town is still working with library officials to figure out what renovations can be done and the state grant, which would off-set the town's portion of the expansion project, could be available as early as 2014.

Containers with closed lids are available at the library for patrons to drink. Bring your own cup and enjoy a cup o' joe at the library.

Dan B. June 02, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Thanks for covering this, but I want to mention something in regards to the idea found specifically in the line "the Shrewsbury Public Library is moving forward with their coffee bar idea." That is actually not the case. According to the plans that were voted on, the cafe would have been a specific space in the new building that would be contracted out to a separate company to generate funds for the town and meet a need an overwhelming amount of residents requested in a service survey sent out a couple of years ago - the need for an operating coffee bar similar to what Borders had. My understanding is that this idea is on hold along with the rest of the project, and is not being moved forward at this time like this post suggests. The Friends of the Library and a local donor have generously sponsored what the Library has now - a table with a Keurig machine on it. It's nice to have, but is not the idea that was proposed for the new building.


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