A Healthy Holiday

As we wish you a safe and happy holiday season here at SHARC, we know that sometimes your health can be placed on the back burner from Thanksgiving until the New Year. With that said, we're here to help! We're not saying you can't indulge in an extra slice of pecan pie or want you to skip the family party for a heavy work-out session, but there is no sense in waiting until January to make some healthy changes! 

Take Charge of Your Snacks:

As Candy Canes, Turkey, Cookies and Pies fill your dining room tables, there is a way to help fight the battle of over eating. Pick your favorites: are you a dessert aficionado? Do you day dream about stuffing? If there is one favorite food that you look forward to every year, enjoy! This way you can choose what you cut out. For example, if you know you plan to enjoy Grandma's homemade apple pie, bring some healthy alternatives for appetizers or a simple side dish for your holiday meal. That way, you aren't overeating from start to finish—you'll feel better and you'll still get to nibble on your favorites! 

Find The Gift of Fitness

Group classes are a good way to make working out more enjoyable, especially when you are in need of a little extra motivation. Remember: suffering together is ALWAYS better than suffering alone. Working out with a partner is a great way to make workouts more fun, and also add an extra motivational factor to it as well.  Just make sure that you find someone with similar goals and motivations to workout with you.  Also, the key to a healthy life is variety! Doing the same old routine over and over again can get monotonous, and downright boring.  Not to mention, doing the same routine for too long will greatly reduce the benefits/gains from said routine.  So, changing up the routine serves multiple purposes.  It helps keep things fresh and interesting for you, and it will keep you gaining strength, losing weight, or keep getting you closer to your desired fitness goal!

Stay on Track

If the busy holiday season has gotten the best of you and you can't manage to find the time to sneak in a work-out, we can help you out. Here are a few quick work-outs that scream NO EXCUSES.

Wake-up Call: Before you even get out of bed, do a few sets of 20 crunches and 20 leg raises/knee tucks.  You've already worked your core before you even got out of bed!  Also hug your knees into your chest and roll side to side to massage your back muscles and stimulate the spine! 

While The Coffee Brews: Counter-top push-ups are a simple, moderate-intensity upper-body exercise. Go to the lowest counter top in the kitchen; place your hands on the edge a little wider than shoulder-width, and go through a nice, smooth range of motion.  In the down position, the countertop should come right to the base of your ribcage.  

Can Jam: Want to get the shoulders and arms too?  Easy...just grab a couple of cans (preferably the heaviest ones you can grab with one hand) from the cupboard and use them as substitutes for dumbbells do some arm exercises.  Bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, front & side raises, and shoulder presses can all be done using cans, and you've already gotten a good arm-toning circuit done before you walk out the door.  

Work-out at Work: Get on the ball!  Replace your chair with a stability ball, and you will be constantly engaging your core muscles to sit upright, your leg muscles to maintain your balance, and it will also improve your focus and motor unit response. This piece of equipment will become your best friend!  The stability ball will keep you in good postural alignment and your body will stay upright, so no back aches and you abs will be activated and your core tight!  Then take a breather and walk around throughout the day to refresh your muscles and your mind. 

In the winter seasons sometimes it is difficult to stay active, but these simple tips and tricks can help motivate you to stay active this season AND still enjoy your holiday! We wish you a happy and healthy winter season here at SHARC, come on in and give YOURSELF the gift of fitness because it's never too early to start!

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