White City Redevelopment Nearly Complete

The new owners are nearing completion of the White City Shopping Center on Route 9.

After two years of work, Charter Realty and Development is nearing the final stages of completely revitalizing the White City Shopping Center.

According to Paul Brandes, the landlord of the plaza, development started on the west side of the plaza bordering Lake Quinsigamond and the work on that was completed earlier this year.

More Recently, Brandes and his associates tackled the East Side.

“We’ve created something the shopping center has never had, fresh new landscaping, sidewalks and lighting. It used to just be a sea of asphalt without a single plant and today it’s a modern shopping center,” Brandes said.

Many businesses on the east side were in need of some upgrades including KFC / Taco Bell and T-Mobil. Other new businesses joined the fray such as, 2Ovens and Planet Fitness.

“We’ve made an enormous amount of changes since we purchased the property,” he said.

Brandes said in total there are 12 new tenants since the property was purchased and they all bring something special to the shopping experience.

“We have been very proactive about the types of tenants that are there because we’ve invested an incredible amount of capitol on this project,” Brandes said. “What we really need is tenants that bring something extra, as a result we are selective.”

Soon visitors will see a second new restaurant by the name of B.Good, a burger chain that boasts, “food made by people, not factories.”

Elements Massage will also be opening soon, right next door to Planet Fitness.

More changes include a renovated Lady Grace, which is open, and an updated India Café, which is expected to reopen in January.


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