Needed: Woman in 'Genes,' Paranormal Investigators

Here are this week's shining stars on Craigslist.

From the sweet to the sassy to the strange, here are the best in this weeks Craigslist postings.

One person's stuffed animal and picnic basket is another's treasure

More treasures up for grabs in Grafton! Take a look at the picture attached to this story for an idea of what awaits on the lawn for you. The freebies include a large stuffed animal that looks like a cross between Alf, a llama and a collie, a large oak mirror, a picnic basket, a window fan and a small TV from the early '90s.

Stop! Don't pay for those wooden fish

There are a pair of free wooden fish up for grabs in Framingham. Perhaps purchased in Bermuda, these colorful fish are in great condition, except for the hanger that fell off the back of one of them. Again, this is no cost to you. No gimmicks.

It's a hip-hop Bat Mitzvah

A low key bat mitzvah celebration happening in Natick on Dec. 16 needs you, if you've got the hip hop and funk dance skills to do it. A party assistant is needed to show some moves, lead dance lines and run games with the deejay. "Must be dependable and have an outgoing and fun personality."

The Catmobile's coming to town!

Get your kitty fixed for a low price. Bob Barker would want you to do so, and so do animal advocates everywhere. The Catmobile has openings in Natick for Dec. 15. Spays are $100 and neutering is $75. 

Beyond the norm

Brett in Northborough is the founder of a new paranormal group that is set to start within the next month. With three members already, the group is looking to expand its team and seeks "serious minded individuals" who have some experience or knowledge about the field. This team especially needs someone with marketing background and one who know electronics. "Understand that we are a small team and hope to be one of the best paranormal groups in MA."

Let your doggie play!

There is a dog playgroup in Westborough, offering options of pickup or drop off. This supervised, fenced in, playgroup lets your dog socialize and have a good time while getting some much needed exercise.

This guy wants some personal cleaning services, if you catch his drift

Recently in Marlborough, a pretty blonde cleaning woman caught a man's eye. If it sounds like a fantasy, it's not. You "kept looking" at the man at the neighbor's house as you left your cleaning job. "I think you are very attractive. I sure could use some personal cleaning services. In the chance you see this email me and let me know what road this was on so I know it's you."

Good high school b-ball player needed to pass along his skills

A person in Marlborough is looking for an experienced high school basketball player, male, to teach his sons the ins and outs of the game 2-3 hours a week. The position, which pays $15, is to teach this ten-year-old all the aspects of the game. Looking for someone talented, patient and personable.

The spirit of the holidays for our furry friends

A woman named Michelle in Grafton and her husband are saddened by all of the sweet and innocent animals out there without a home, or those that are neglected. They don't have "lots of room," but they room they do have, they want to use to take in abandoned animals. "We can foster them in our home while we find a great home for them, or they will just stay with us. We don't have lots of room, but we have a heart of gold for animals!"

Oh Katrina, do you remember camp in New Hampshire?

This guy from Natick regrets deleting your number, and should have gone to dinner with you years ago. He didn't, and things didn't work out with his ex. "I was really stupid when I deleted your number and now I don't have a way of contacting you.  I'm the idiot that wanted to be around you when we were still going up to camp in N.H. I hope you see this post."

The Thanksgiving that keeps on giving

Someone in Northborough fried a turkey over Thanksgiving, and has a lot of used soy and peanut oil to show for it. Could you use 12 gallons? Here you go, for free.

Hey "Hot Honda Guy," if you can remember the color of that girl's sweater, you've got yourself a date

From time to time, a woman comes in to have her car fixed in Northborough. She's got a Honda, and most recently, you repaired her car's alarm. Though your name may be on some of the paperwork, she hasn't the guts to call you. "I don't think you work in sales. I think you might be a service associate but you don't work in the garage. You always look so cute with your beard and your eyes and smile are amazing. I'm pretty sure you're not married. If you happen to see this and are interested, message me back. Today I came in with a mini skirt and a pair of black thigh high boots on (that was for you by the way). Put the color of my sweater in as the subject so I know it is really you."

V needs a lead singer

A theatrical metal band from Framingham called V needs a "dedicated singer." Male or female, just be "great at what you do." This band is getting attention, has a lot of gigs, and is made up of seasoned musicians with pro gear. The current singer has to leave the band for work. Now is your chance.

And he can't get you out of his head

This guy thought he was in Shrewsbury. It's a common mistake, but JJ's Sports Bar is indeed in Northborough. At any rate, you caught his eye. You were celebrating the birthday of a "gentleman," but this gentleman was watching you all night long. 

Best Buy shopper went-a-courtin', he did go

This Marlborough man never thought he'd resort to such tactics as posting on Craigslist. But he tends to be shy, and had to find a way to reach out. Shopping at a Best Buy in Sudbury recently, your smile, which you shot at him while working at the register, grabbed his attention. He came in to trade in some Xbox games, and you captured his heart. "I'm not going to use Craigslist to tell you 'how beautiful you were' or to 'call me'...This is real life, ha. That's not how a gentleman courts a lady. Something about you, whatever it was, as I left the store..as I walked away from the counter and drove out of there..you were on my mind and in a non creeper way. You still are."

Until you never meet again, Penelope Longstockings bids thee farewell

Thanks for being a great drinking buddy. You and this Craigslist poster met last Wednesday night in a bar in Framingham. Neither of you are from the area, and you had to catch a flight. "Penelope" is sorry for being drunk, and thanks you for listening.

Gorgeous blonde at the Mobil

This guy in Milford gets the sense you "wanted to say something" to him. Did you? Here's your chance. He spotted you last Wednesday night at the Mobil station.

Model needed to attract the construction worker; you need only wear a T-shirt and "genes" 

A person in Shrewsbury is in need of a model to sell his product. That product is unclear, but he does have a patent for it. He is looking for a "fit girl" for a video that demonstrates how "easy and safe the product is." A lot of time and money has gone into this product, which "has to do with the auto industry" and is trying to attract the construction crowd. You must send a brief description of yourself along with a picture of you wearing a T-shirt and "genes." Scientifically speaking, it is nearly impossible to change your genes, so hopefully he likes the ones you were given at conception. 


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