Successful Businesswoman Enjoys a Challenge

Making it Happen features a local parent who follows a passion while raising a family.

Name: Heather Logrippo

Husband: Jason

Kids: Madison (6), Brock (5)

Mom icon: “I really like Barbara Corcoran. She started the Corcoran Group, which is one of the largest real estate companies in Manhattan. She used the power of public relations to compete against giants like Trump and sold her company for over 70 million dollars!”

Favorite song in my iPod: Happy Hour by the Housemartins

Words to live by:  Give first, receive later.

How I unwind: “This sounds crazy, but work is how I unwind. I love working and getting organized at work makes me a more relaxed mother!”

Facebook: “YES! Absolutely. Facebook is a major marketing component for my business and my clients’ businesses. Doing it right can be the difference between surviving and thriving in the business world.” www.facebook.com/pages/Expose-Yourself-Public-Relations and www.facebook.com/DistinctiveHomesMag

Twitter: @DistinctHomes

Heather Logrippo is the kind of person who makes things happen. Significant things. Things that benefit our community.

A Shrewsbury resident of just four years, Logrippo and her husband, Jason, hosted this year’s in June at Fallon House, their historic home on Prospect Street. The event earned nearly $25,000 for Shrewsbury Public Schools and solidified Logrippo’s presence as a champion of education in our community.

This summer's Garden Party marked the event’s third highly successful year. Logrippo and Jason, a third grade teacher, conceived the event shortly after moving to Shrewsbury in an effort to support education in their new town. They swiftly recruited a small committee of dedicated volunteers to help see their vision to fruition. The Logrippos hosted the Garden Party in its first year and again this year. The event’s mission, Logrippo said, is to “simply raise much-needed money that can go directly back to the town’s children’s education.”

Logrippo isn’t afraid of hard work. In fact, growing up in New Jersey, she began working at age 14, first babysitting and then working at a pizzeria that just happened to be owned by the Gambino crime family. In addition to these jobs, her father dragged her out of bed every Saturday to work in a printing plant.

After graduating Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, Logrippo landed a job working for one of her father’s companies, training employees of large retail outlets to sell the printing services that her company fulfilled. When she quit that job, her father told her, “Good luck trying to make it in the real world.” Logrippo took his words as a challenge and set out to prove herself.

Moving from New York to Massachusetts, Logrippo took a job at an Internet start-up company, starting a small sales team. When she took the position, the company’s revenue was $1 million a year. By the time she left seven years later, she was running the Northeast Sales Force – and the company was bringing in $500 million a year.

Logrippo met her husband online in 2000. After many dating disasters, she says she wanted to meet a “nice guy” and looked up fellow AOL members who owned pugs. Her search revealed two fellow pug owners. “I’m married to one of them,” she said.

Logrippo’s children, Madison and Brock, were born 14 months apart. “I wasn’t prepared at all,” she said, “but like everything else, I figured it out.” 

As a mother of small children, Logrippo found herself wanting to leave corporate America. Although she was outperforming her male co-workers, they seemed to be getting promoted while she was left behind. Rather than trying to find another job, she decided to start her own company.

In 2007, Logrippo bought Distinctive Homes Magazine, just before the financial markets crashed. “I call the next few years my character building years,” she said. Late in 2009, she opened Expose Yourself Public Relations, a PR firm that offers customized services that address clients’ specific business needs.

Logrippo understands the importance of social media. Each of her companies has a Facebook presence and she recently authored an article cautioning Realtors about the pitfalls to avoid when creating a business page on Facebook.

At the end of the day, Logrippo is crazy about her work.

“I love advertising and PR,” Logrippo said. “You need to advertise to be successful, bottom line. PR is a creative way of getting your message out. There is nothing I like better than coming up with a creative solution, so it suits me well.”

What drives Heather Logrippo?

“Accomplishing things and helping my clients grow makes me happy,” she said. “I love being in the background making things happen.”

miki ahl August 12, 2011 at 07:14 PM
I have known Heather for almost 20 years and she is as amazing now as she was back then. It is no surprise to me how much she values her clients, her community and her family. Heather has a huge heart with plenty to give.
Doing what you love for work and and being a mom is a wonderful balance. I love being a working mother as well.


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