Meet Phil McGourty

Phil's photography is unique in that she uses Photoshop to manipulate her images.

Name: Philomene (Phil) McGourty

Reside: “I have lived in Shrewsbury for almost eight years. I moved back to Massachusetts, where I am originally from, after my husband died, to be closer to my children.”

Facebook or Twitter: “Not yet but I will need to learn, especially if the publishers are going to be putting information in regards to my book.”

Education: “I graduated from Manhattanville College in 1949 and married soon afterwards. My love of photography began as the family historian. I have taken many courses, both in Photoshop, printing, studio lighting and more.”

Favorite Author: Richard Russo

Favorite Book: Moby Dick

Quote: “God is Love. Little Children Love One Another” –John the Evangelist

Hobbies: “I love photography, cardmaking with my images and creative writing. I just completed a book titled, In the Dark Valley, which is about Alzheimer’s. I am working on getting it published and have just chosen one of my images for the cover.”

A true artist has many talents and Phil McGourty is definitely one of them. Her home is like a gallery, filled with amazing works that she had done as well as paintings from friends who are also artists. Each level of her home has walls filled with color, figures and series of works that McGourty proudly shows off to all who enter.

The dimension in photography that she has learned to create is really extraordinary. Most of the works depict flowers and are extremely detailed. The one downfall McGourty has found is that the framing is expensive due to the need for two pieces of glass, two copies of the image and a very deep box frame to display the work in.

“Photography and Photoshop enables me to create images of enhanced beauty that can present a scene, an object, a flower, shell or fruit, or a part of an architectural image in a contemplative way that shows the viewer the inner tranquility and unique beauty of whatever has been photographed,” said McGourty.

The 3D images have a lot of depth. First she takes an image, and copies it. Then the image must have each edge lined in black so it doesn’t appear when you are looking at the image. She may use stacks of paper to lift them off the board that they are on.

“The image then pops out towards you and they are very dramatic. I do these mostly with flowers but you could do them with shells or fruit and more,” said McGourty.

Many of McGourty’s other images are very “painterly.” They are not like your typical photograph as she uses Photoshop a lot to manipulate the pictures. So much so, that she has had friends inquire after receiving one of her photo cards as to whether the picture was a painting or of an image she had taken.

“Some people have even framed my cards. There may be more of a market for this type of venue due to the cost factor than my 3D images, which can get pretty expensive. I already have generated interest in a couple of galleries who may want to carry my cards,” said McGourty.

Whether she is using her “painterly” technique or her dimensional method, Phil McGourty’s images are wonderful. She has had her works displayed at a number of galleries throughout Worcester, New York, as well as UMass. Through her art, she is able to show others the beauty of all that exists.

“The process used to create my images is intensely satisfying to me. One of my efforts has been to create dimension in photography using a number of various methods. The effects can be surprisingly beautiful,” said McGourty.

Although there has been a large void in her life since her husband’s passing, McGourty has a zest for life and the arts.

“I have been very blessed,” said McGourty.


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