Big Bucks for Big Cactus; Magic at the Dumpster; Hairless Rat Collector

This week's best of Craigslist has been shot with Cupid's arrow.

Weird, helpful, wacky or fun ... it's the best of Craigslist this past week.

Most unlikely love ballad: "We Met By the Dumpster"

Recently, out by the dumpster behind Elsa's in Shrewsbury, you asked a guy if he needed a light for his cigarette. You smoked, you talked, you wished him luck. He never got your name, but thinks you could have been really good friends. "I doubt that you will ever see this, but if you do, tell me what I was making a joke about with you..I hope to God that you see this, and hope that I see you again some day."

Have you an extra baby sulcata tortoise?

Dan in Marlborough is looking for a Gatorade bottle-sized tortoise. He's already got plenty of large females, so he is in search of some juvenile tortoises for his "family." 

What's one more hairless rat? Well, nine, in this case.

A person in Grafton already has eight rats, but wants to add to this collection, and it "must be hairless."

Prickly and pricey plant 

A very big cactus (three stalks taller than nine feet) is for sale for $900 in the MetroWest area. Though the people selling the plant are very excited about the plant sprouting new arms within the last year, they are looking to get this baby out of the pot to spread its roots. "It would look awesome planted inside of hotel lobby or such. It's in excellent health."

Without the eye candy, there is no incentive

With World Gym in Shrewsbury closing, one woman is most sad that there will be no "yummy eye candy that is my incentive to work out daily. I hope all the eye candy joins PF."

This magic moment (for him, anyway)

He walked out, and you smiled at one another. You work at Walgreen's in Shrewsbury, and this guy is taking a "long shot, but it's worth the try. You have long hair, very beautiful. Write me if you happen to see this. Hopefully our magic moment can lead to more? Fingers crossed."

Help bring home stolen chihuahua

A person in North Grafton is heartbroken, as her small tan chihuahua was stolen from her yard on Nov. 22. "This took all of three minutes for them to grab him. I am very ill and he is my only reason to continue on this Earth. Please, I just need to know what happened to him." If you can help, do so.

Love 'n' latte

Every day he comes in to Lalajava Coffeehouse in Northborough. The lattes are yummy, and that's what he orders, but "you could be serving hot water and I would still go out of my way to see you! Just want to let you know, you are the only reason I come in almost every day."

Finally driven to post this- although realize the point is almost moot- I need to put the effort forward as it is so worth it! Just want to let you know, you are the only reason I come in almost everyday! You could be serving hot water and I would still go out of my way to see you!


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