Elevate Your Exhibit

Local business helps create the right image for corporations.

A company can be phenomenal, but without a great image, few will know about it.

That's where Elevation Exhibits and Events comes in. Started by James Burke in April 2006 in Shrewsbury, this organization is a full service tradeshow design, marketing and event-planning firm that builds award-winning exhibits for companies in a diverse set of industries. Elevation has clients ranging from venture-backed startups to major corporations.

"It was forced inspiration, really," said Burke, principal and founder of Elevation Exhibits and Events, when asked what inspired him to start the company. "The exhibit company I was with was going out of business, and so I knew it was time for me to move on and start my own firm. I had plenty of job offers, but I did not want to go back to a big exhibit house. I also had companies telling me they would follow me wherever I went, so I already had a potential revenue stream in place. It was all timing; the perfect storm."

The trick, he said, to riding out the bad economy, is to have lots of lateral movement. Not only is his team skilled at designing exhibits, but can install corporate lobbies, retail store windows and product demo showrooms.

I always say, 'If you have $10, we will take it and give you something great in return!'" said Burke. "I make it a point to not gauge success on the size of an account, but on how well we serve them. Where we believe we outshine other exhibits firms is in our customer service and in our quality. If your customer service is not top notch, then you won’t survive long term, regardless of how pretty your booth ‘pictures’ are. Our clients choose us, and stay with us, for our design and branding capabilities and because of our smart, focused service – ensuring them a trouble-free show floor experience."

These days, one of his favorite designs is a photo booth for NEC, a configuration that scales up to 60 feet by 80 feet. The elegant and sophisticated design is striking, and Burke said for "such a large expanse of a booth, very little of it actually touches the floor, and I love that!"


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