Congress Fights to End Superbowl Blackout [Poll]

U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern is joining the fight to bring the local NBC station back to Directv customers before the Superbowl.

Up to 200,000 Patriots fans may miss the broadcast of the Superbowl because of the dispute between Directv and Sunbeam Station Group.

U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern has sent a joint letter to Directv in the hopes of resolving the dispute before the Feb. 5 kickoff of the Superbowl.

Since last Saturday, the dispute has blacked out NBC to all Directv customers who normally watch WHDH-7 and Channel 56, which is the only NBC channel aired on Directv. The company does not air the national NBC channel if a local channel is available.

Directv says Sunbeam is asking for a 300 percent increase in retransmission fees to broadcast their local channel.

"We encourage both parties to remain engaged in good faith negotiations," the letter said. "We are also requesting that the Federal Communications Commission take action to bring both parties together so these negotiations can be concluded in an equitable and expeditious manner. Consumers should not be caught in the middle."

If customers have an off-air antenna, Directv suggests using that to watch the national NBC channels. Off-air antennas are available for purchase at local electronics stores for about $40.


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