Business Q&A: WAH-BO Grill

Healthy food where everyone knows your name.

Name of Business:

Address: 98-B Boston Tpke.

Owner: Scott Robinson

Years in business: Ten years ago in August he started the business. Robinson said he worked at the Lo Fat Know Fat restaurant at this location before it was sold to a corporation.

When was the business started: The business was started as WAH-BO Grill about five years ago.

Business Mentor: His father, Jack Robinson, who owned a sheet metal manufacturing company for about 40 years.

Quote to Live By: "Have fun."

Reside: Hudson

Family: Robinson has a wife, Mary; a son, Nicholas; and a daughter, Diane.

Like best about owning/running this business: "The customers are what keeps me going," Robinson said, adding that those who eat at the restaurant are very loyal to it. He said he sees some of the same faces almost every day and some of those people even come back again for dinner.

Like least: As a business owner, Robinson said he works seven days a week. While he enjoys being at the restaurant, what he likes least about the job is "being away from my family as much as I am."

Where you see yourself five years from now: Robinson said he sees further success and growth and, perhaps, multiple locations.

Facebook/Twitter: WAH-BO can be found on Facebook. Robinson said the business does not have a Twitter account yet, but plans to at some point.

Favorite book/movie/song: Robinson likes anything by U2 and one of his favorite songs is "Where the Streets Have No Name."

Advice for someone new to the business: "Work hard and be nice."

The acronym WAH-BO stands for "We're All Happy and Better Off," Robinson said, which refers to not being part of a corporation. While he is not anti-corporation, he said not being part of one provides more freedom.

Robinson speaks highly of WAH-BO's loyal customer base and says diners know employees as well as fellow diners—and employees know some of the orders before the customers order them.

"It's been that way for a long time," Robinson said. "It's like going to a place where they know your name."

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