Stefilia's Stone Celebrates the Release of 'Like the Moon'

Local duo celebrate its new CD with a rescheduled date.

Update: This show has been canceled for this weekend. Adrienne Fawkes is very sick and they must reschedule.

Local singer songwriters Adrienne Fawkes and Carrie Rowan are all about empowerment through music and uplifting others through song. They hope that translates in their brand new CD, Like the Moon. 

Stefilia's Stone celebrates its CD with a release show on Saturday, Dec. 1, at 7 p.m. at

Eric Kilburn, who recorded the album at Wellspring Sound, described the two as "powerful, passionate women singing about their lives in styles ranging from tender ballads to acoustic rock. Their music shoots me right in the heart."

Stefilia's Stone is another name for Larimar, which is a rare blue variety of pectolite only found in the Dominican Republic. Last year at a spring gig in Rockport, the two fell in love with the stone and bought necklaces made with it. When searching for a name for their duo, they easily agreed.

"This stone has a strong harmonious feminine energy and that pretty much sums up what we are all about," said Rowan, who calls the the grouping a "heavenly harmonic female folk-pop indie duo."   

With a strong focus on harmonies, their music swims in a sea of blended instruments. Both play piano and guitar, interchanging them throughout live shows. Doing both covers and originals, Rowan says their music is a fun banter and trading between melodies and harmonies mid-song.

"Adrienne and I had know each other for years before officially becoming a duo," said Rowan. "We had played together a lot but never really focusing on duo-izing our music. Since this collaboration, we have been getting lots of great feedback about how well our voices blend together. And besides that, it's so much fun playing and traveling together! What could be better than playing/singing/creating with a best friend?"

Both, too, are wives, moms and teachers, and have a similar outlook on life. In addition, Fawkes and Rowan perform as a children's music duo, covering a variety of classics and original family friendly tunes.

In lieu of admission, fans are asked to bring donations to help stock the Northborough Food Pantry. The show also supports a charity called Healing Little Hearts, which raises money for research at Children's Hospital Boston to help find a cure for pediatric heart defects. 

Carrie Rowan November 03, 2012 at 01:12 PM
We regret to inform all readers that this show has been CANCELLED due to a sick singer! Adrienne has lost her voice. We will reschedule this much anticipated CD Release as soon as possible. Stay tuned to The Patch for more updates soon!! Thank you so much for supporting local artists!!
Carrie Rowan November 27, 2012 at 06:55 PM
OK this is the rescheduled show for December 1st. We are so excited and truly honored by all the well wishes for Adrienne. She is up and running and ready to rock this Saturday night!! We hope to see you there. Please don't forget an item for the local food pantry donation!! Thank you!!


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