Local Author Signs 'The Water Thief'

Northborough author Nick Soutter says he loved 'Atlas Shrugged,' but that it was 'dead wrong.'

Nick Soutter said he's written voraciously since he learned to read and write, and stole his mom's typewriter to get it all down.

Born and raised in Boston, he graduated from Clark University with BAs in both philosophy and psychology.

Soutter wrote five novels—four while in high school, and one in college.

Later, while trying to get some of his earlier works published, he read Ayn Rand's famous Atlas Shrugged, which ultimately inspired his latest work. He signs his book, The Water Thief, on Saturday, Oct. 6, at 1 p.m. at Tatnuck Bookseller in Westborough.

Soutter lives in Shrewsbury with his wife and two daughters, who attend school in Northborough.

Northborough Patch: So, what's The Water Thief about?

Nick Soutter: Set in a near future dystopia where corporations rule the world, it's about Charles Thatcher, a professional spin master who begins to question the world he lives in when he reports a woman for stealing rainwater and she vanishes.  

NP: What was the inspiration for writing it?

NS: I read Atlas Shrugged. I loved it, thought that the arguments were well made, well reasoned, and none the less dead wrong. I wanted to show why.  

NP: What was your biggest challenge?

NS: Lack of feedback. Lonely hours. It took five years and about 10 drafts to write, and save for a rough draft my wife read, nobody saw it for most of that time. A little maddening to work completely alone.  

NP: What's the worst part about the political season?

NS: I'm going to have to be trite and say the stonewalling. I'm going to be partisan and blame the Tea Party, who I'm not sure has any real idea what's in the constitution, why it's there, or how it works. You want to know the one thing every word in the constitution has in common with every other word? They were all compromises.  

NP: Working on another book?

NS: Yes, I've got a follow up. I also had a work which was represented for five years and offered publication with Avalon, but we never agreed on terms--I may get that out since its already done.   

The Water Thief can be found at Amazon. It also can be ordered at any bookstore, and is carried at Tatnuck Bookseller, at Wellesley Books and The Booklovers' Gourmet in Webster.  It's available in paperback and for every major e-reader.


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