Good Luck Wedgies and Classic Crooning

Dale LePage joins the Bobby Gadoury Trio at the Celtic Tavern for a night of swing, jazz and standards.

Singer and comedian Dale LePage, voted male entertainer of the year for Central Massachusetts, and host of the new TV3 show "WOOTube" is debuting at the on Saturday, Jan. 28, along with Bobby Gadoury and Thomas Spears.

Northborough Patch asked LePage a rapidfire five questions.

NP: How'd you get interested in singing the style of music you sing?  
DL: I will sing anything as long as someone will listen. I am what you would call an attention whore. But seriously, I have always loved the smooth crooner style of Dean Martin and Sintara and Tony Bennett that was what we played around my house growing up. And also watching the old classic movies on TCM. 

NP: Do you think popular music lacks crooners to look up to?  
DL: Not at all. Tony Bennett is still at it and Buble has brought it to a whole new generation. Even though I am classified as a crooner, there is a lot of soul and swing, too.

NP: Do you have any performance rituals? Superstitions?  
DL:  I like to make a toast at the beginning of each show, "To friends old and new and the music that brings us together," then i pull up my lucky underwear and give myself a good luck wedgie.
NP: So, the Superbowl ... Pats or Giants?
DL: Ha ha, is this a set up? Pats of course.


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