Enticing Yoga Pants, Trangendered Monsters and Bible Handbook

And to the "hot guy who runs Pleasant Street Pizza" in Marlborough ...

Weather is getting colder, and Craigslist is rife with people selling firewood, old winter clothes and used pellet stoves. But among the "typical" posts are the weird, the interesting and the perplexing. Each week, Patch takes a look around to cull some of best of Craigslist for you to laugh about. Or scratch your head. Or respond.

Could a workout work out?

A woman in yoga pants at Bill's Restaurant in Hopkinton caught the eye of a guy who was also in there earlier this week. "Phenomenal body! Just wanted to say you made my day a bit better. If you are ever free, maybe we could work out? (smiley face)"

You said hi. So can you please send a photo of you and those boots you were wearing?

Politeness will get you everywhere. Perhaps even a date. Last Sunday, a man in the Wegmans parking lot in Northborough was smitten with a woman who was so forthcoming as to say "hi" while pushing her shopping cart. "You made my day! I wanted to to turn around and follow you back in but I had to put my bag in my car first. I am very interested in see you again. Either send a photo of you and the boots you were wearing or tell me what shirt I was wearing. Yes, you really made my day."

Planning a pink punk Lil' Angels birthday for your daughter? You should now.

Well, you could save some cash. A woman in Grafton ordered way too many Lil' Angel supplies for her daughter's recent first birthday. Her over-ordering is your gain. She's giving more than 25 plates, 10 cups, 15 napkins and some thank you cards away for free.

Someone either gave up on God, or knows him all too well

A person in Northborough is ready to part, for free, with his or her "barely used set with handbook" called "Christian Believer: Knowing God with Heart and Mind."

In case you forgot to save your own used cans

Someone in Shrewsbury has kindly piled, beside his mailbox, a pile of free metal that is up for grabs. It's an old printer, a large box of loose cans and a big box of metal with vacuum bases in it. The pile, he says, is still there.

Pizza's hot, and so is the pizza guy

The "guy who runs Pleasant Street Pizza" in Marlborough is apparently hot, and always friendly.  This other guy takes notice of that. "You are always very friendly to me when I come in to order pretty much the same thing. You had 2 others working tonight so you only rung my up. I would like to get to know you more. Doubt that you'll see this but it's worth a try. Tell me what I usually order or possible you know what I drive by now... I was in this evening toward the end of the Pats game."

Do you teach the violin?

A violin instructor is needed in Framingham for a private school, starting this week. A flute instructor is also needed.

Monsters need not be transgendered, but the monsters are for a transgendered party, by the way

Can you be Dracula, a vampire, Wolfman, a mummy or a zombie? Your talents are needed for a Halloween party to be held in Westborough. You must have your own costume and makeup, but the gig pays $150. And by the way, "This is a transgendered party with many guys in female costumes."

If you happen to be going to Ft. Meyers on Nov. 1, here's your ride

This guy in Shrewsbury is taking off for Ft. Meyers on Nov. 1 in a minivan, with a dog, and would be happy to take you along if you need a ride.


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