5 Things For Which We're Thankful

From our logo to our readers, I have reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

My family's Thanksgiving tradition is a little different than most. Before we sit down to eat, my aunt reads her mom (my grandmother)'s essay called "Why I Like My Family." It's a beautiful essay that won a prize back in the day, and it's tough to get through without crying.

Most, though, go around the table and puts each family member and friend on the spot, forcing them to come up with something, someone, they are thankful for that year.

And of course because we live and breathe Patch around these parts, we're relating this thankful tradition to Patch.

So, let me extend this popular family tradition to this virtual gathering-place, and share with you five Patch-related things that make me thankful. This is by no means an exhaustive list, as I do have to get to a home-cooked dinner.

1. We're Patchers, and not Elves.

When the masterminds behind Patch.com started dreaming up names for the hyperlocal news venture, "Patch" beat out a dozen other names, one of which was "Elf." Now, I'm all about team spirit (the color green has been the most prevalent color scheme in my wardrobe since I started this job) if I were trying to consistently keep an elf-like theme in my clothing and accessory selections.

2. The Patch site is so darn easy to use.

I can get a story posted to this site in minutes, and that's not a testament to any superhuman typing skills I might possess. Shrewsbury Patch is incredibly user friendly; that applies as much to my use of the site as it does to anyone else's. Many of you have already figured this out when you've posted announcements, calendar events or comments. Want to find a story you read a few days ago? A week ago? A month ago? No problem; our stories don't expire and you don't have to pay for them. 

3. Shrewsbury Patch's bloggers 

Whether it's Stacey Lavely sharing the latest about about the Shrewsbury Senior Center or Heather Logrippo talking about advice-taking, or a restaurant review or rundown of deals, our bloggers enrich Patch. Thank you for letting us help you, through your own words, share your messages and causes. Our local voices section is open to all those who wish to do the same.

4. Shrewsbury's businesses

As Small Business Saturday is this week, we're particularly thankful for local businesses, which we've given a place in our local directory. The best way we can thank the businesses we appreciate is to patronize them and tell our friends and neighbors to do the same. If you appreciate a local business in town, consider posting a review on Patch.

5. You, the readers and contributors.

Each time I see a new photo added to an announcement or story, a comment in our activity stream on the homepage, or an event posted by a reader into our calendar, I'm elated. This is your site, and I'm thrilled to see you using it. Please keep it up. Happy Thanksgiving.


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