Just remember NO MEANS NO as the "ostrich overriders", you know- the: 0 - 0's continue to present foggy figures and half-truths and stonewall us, waiting for the time to run out on June 3rd.  They ignore simple and direct questions and deal in vagaries to avoid the drawbacks.  Payroll head counts, percises class sizes that are over 30 students. The rely on old Associated Press style book tricks.; using the words like, some, many and most instead of putting forth a little backbone in their claims. You couldn't trust them lasttime for the override and you sure can't this time either ! Just Vote NO !
Mark Willingham May 30, 2014 at 02:24 PM
George - Sorry but I work and that takes me away from these comment section wars :) There are many facts that have been put forward that I believe to be true - I understand they may not satisfy all of your questions but I feel they do a good job of letting an open mind make a sound decision. Shrewsbury is a prosperous town and collectively we earn in the top 20% of MA towns. The town is well run, and we get great services with low taxes - in fact we are in the bottom 4% of MA towns for our tax rates. Something to be proud of. However, we are near the bottom in most metrics of education spending including per pupil spending, overall school budget to enrolled students and student teacher ratio - something to be ashamed of. Even after we pass the override Shrewsbury will remain one of the lowest taxed communities in MA and a place we can both enjoy I accept and respect your difference of opinion and can only say that I see no conspiracy or malice here, just an imbalance of the cost of the community many of us want with the current levy. I will accept the barrage that will ensue and perhaps we can get to know each other once this is over.
George Sedares May 30, 2014 at 02:44 PM
Precisely what is the "student teacher ratio" . This is a simple question and not one of the override proponents has the courage to answer, just like; what is an average class size or how many classrooms have over 30 students.... My other questions are more difficult, asking for precise payroll head count and staff assignments to classes... OH, I do have a new question. Do two teacher aids equal one teacher in a single classroom ? Stop stonewalling - you only shoot yourselves in the foot playing out the clock until June 3rd. You will lose this override too for your, (collective) evasiveness and delaying tactics. Just Vote No and you can try again next year with a far more competent leadership ! NO Means NO !
ron king May 30, 2014 at 10:09 PM
Mark, You sound like a good guy reaching a understanding hand out, so I do appreciate that! However, even the kids that I speak with that are in school now, do not believe it is over burdened. We have to deal with what we have, $100 extra per yr as the 2 1/2% protection was meant to me...next yr..$110....so in a few yrs we catch up, and if we finally have some commercial development on Boston Hill, for example...(which did not pass) then we will be a few yrs ahead. This town will never vote for the 11% override....Just will not. Spags was here - we need to live with-in our means. 80%, 20% rule...all day long. Go check the income of our BOS, Supper, and TM, and Head Librarian. I don' see them forking back any salary for this BS.
George Sedares May 31, 2014 at 10:43 AM
Outstanding and quite fair post. Thank You !
JT June 02, 2014 at 04:38 AM
Yes I agree, excellent post Mark


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